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Episode 0838 (MP3)
The Apostles Select A Replacement For Judas Iscariot
12 April 2023 Acts 1:1-2:1
Episode 0839 (MP3)
The Twelve Apostles Are Immersed In God's Holy Spirit & Begin Speaking In Unlearned Languages On Pentecost
13 April 2023 Acts 2:1-16
Episode 0840 (MP3)
Peter Preaches About The Crucified, Resurrected & Ascended Jesus On Pentecost
14 April 2023 Acts 2:14-37
Episode 0841 (MP3)
Peter Offers The First Gospel Invitation On Pentecost AD 33
17 April 2023 Acts 2:36-41
Episode 0842 (MP3)
The Focus Points Of The Earliest Church Of Jesus Christ
18 April 2023 Acts 2:42-3:5
Episode 0843 (MP3)
Peter Preaches A Second Gospel Sermon After Healing A Man Lame From Birth
19 April 2023 Acts 3:1-4:2
Episode 0844 (MP3)
Peter & John Testify About Jesus To The Sanhedrin
20 April 2023 Acts 4:1-33
Episode 0845 (MP3)
Ananias & Sapphira Are Punished By God For Lying To God About A Charitable Donation
21 April 2023 Acts 4:29-5:15
Episode 0846 (MP3)
After An Angelic Jailbreak, The Apostles Appear Before The Sanhedrin To Proclaim The Gospel Of Jesus Christ
24 April 2023 Acts 5:12-32
Episode 0847 (MP3)
Following Gamaliel's Advice, The Sanhedrin Doesn't Execute The Apostles, But Only Beats & Releases Them
25 April 2023 Acts 5:27-6:3
Episode 0848 (MP3)
The Selection Of The Seven Greek Speaking 'Deacons" & The Ministry Of Stephen, Who Was One Of Them
26 April 2023 Acts 6:1-14
Episode 0849 (MP3)
Stephen Responds To The Charges That He's Disrespecting God By Showing From History How The Israels Repeatedly Disrespected God
27 April 2023 Acts 7:1-43
Episode 0850 (MP3)
After His Defense Before The Sanhedrin, Stephen Is Stone & Saul Of Tarsus Begins Persecuting Believers In Jesus On Behalf Of The Sanhedrin
28 April 2023 Acts 7:35-8:3
Episode 0851 (MP3)
After Saul's Persecution Of The Church Began, Philip Engaged In A Very Successful Ministry At Samaria
1 May 2023 Acts 8:1-16
Episode 0852 (MP3)
Peter & John Impart The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit At Samaria, After Which Philip Is Used By God To Convert The Ethiopian Eunuch
2 May 2023 Acts 8:12-40
Episode 0853 (MP3)
The Resurrected Lord Jesus Appears To Saul Of Tarsus Just Outside Damascus

"Personal Testimony Of The Apostle Paul" (PDF)
3 May 2023 Acts 9:1-18
Episode 0854 (MP3)
Saul Taught By Jesus In Arabia Before Coming Back To Damascus To Preach The Gospel

"Personal Testimony Of The Apostle Paul" (PDF)
4 May 2023 Acts 9:10-27
Episode 0855 (MP3)
Saul's Ministry At Both Damascus & Jerusalem Was Cut Short By Plots Against His Life

"Personal Testimony Of The Apostle Paul" (PDF)
5 May 2023 Acts 9:26-50
The book of James was written around this point in Church history.
Episode 0863 (MP3)
The Ministry Of Peter At Lydda & Joppa As Background To The Story Of Cornelius
17 May 2023 Acts 9:31-10:3
Episode 0864 (MP3)
At God's Direction, Cornelius Invites Peter To Come From Joppa To Caesarea
18 May 2023 Acts 10:1-24
Episode 0865 (MP3)
Peter Addresses The Assembled Gentiles In Cornelius' House At Caesarea
19 May 2023 Acts 10:24-46
Episode 0866 (MP3)
Peter Oversees The Conversion Of The Very First Fully-Gentile Believers At Caesarea, After Which He Defends His Actions Before The Church At Jerusalem
22 May 2023 Acts 10:34-11:18
Episode 0867 (MP3)
The Majority-Gentile Church At Antioch Begins & The Majority-Jewish Church At Jerusalem Sends Barnabas There To Help It Grow, So Barnabas Brings Saul From Tarsus To Help Him Do Just That
23 May 2023 Acts 11:19-26
Episode 0868 (MP3)
The Majority-Gentile Church At Antioch Sends Assistance To The Majority-Jew Church In Judea & Peter Is Miraculously Rescued From The Deadly Intentions Of King Herod Agrippa
24 May 2023 Acts 11:25-12:17
Episode 0869 (MP3)
God's Angel Rescues Peter, King Herod Agippa I Dies At Caesarea & The Holy Spirit Directs Barnabas And Saul To Preach On The Island Of Cyprus
25 May 2023 Acts 12:18-13:6
Episode 0870 (MP3)
Barnabas & Saul/Paul Minister On The Island Of Cyprus & Then Travel To Antioch Of Pisidia
26 May 2023 Acts 13:4-21
Episode 0871 (MP3)
Paul Preaches The Gospel At The Synagogue In Antioch Of Pisidia
29 May 2023 Acts 13:14-42
Episode 0872 (MP3)
Paul & Barnabas Carry On Their Evangelistic Ministry At Antioch, Iconium & Lystra
30 May 2023 Acts 13:42-14:12
Episode 0873 (MP3)
Paul & Barnabas Retrace Their Steps, Appointing Elders In The Churches At Derbe, Lystra, Iconium, Antioch And Possibly Perga
31 May 2023 Acts 14:8-15:1
Episode 0874 (MP3)
The Beginning Of The Judaizer Heresy
1 June 2023 Acts 15:1;
Galatians 2:11-14
Episode 0875 (MP3)
Paul Publicly Rebukes Peter, Barnabas & Other Jews At Antioch For Caving Into The Heresy Of The Judaizers
2 June 2023 Acts 15:1-4;
Galatians 2:11-21
Episode 0876 (MP3)
The Judaizer Heresy Threatens The Early Church
5 June 2023 Acts 15:1-5;
Galatians 2:1-2, 11-16
Episode 0877 (MP3)
The Apostolic Leadership Response To The Heresy Of Judaizing
6 June 2023 Acts 15:5-20;
Galatians 2:1-10
Episode 0878 (MP3)
The Jerusalem Decree Regarding The Heresy Of Judaizing
7 June 2023 Acts 15:13-29
Episode 0879 (MP3)
The Inspired Letter Of Response To The Heresy Of Judaizing Delivered To Antioch, Syria
8 June 2023 Acts 15:22-41
Episode 0880 (MP3)
Paul Begins His Second Missionary Journey, Joined By Silas, Timothy & Luke Along The Way
9 June 2023 Acts 15:36-16:10
The book of Galatians was written around this point in Church history.
Episode 0890 (MP3)
Paul, Silas, Timothy & Dr. Luke Begin Ministering At The Roman Colony Of Philippi In Makedonia
23 June 2023 Acts 16:6-18
Episode 0891 (MP3)
A Miraculous Earthquake Results In The Salvation Of The Philippian Jailer
26 June 2023 Acts 16:16-37
Episode 0892 (MP3)
After Leaving Philippi, Paul & Silas Minister For About A Month At Thessalonika
27 June 2023 Acts 16:35-17:10
Episode 0893 (MP3)
Paul Ministers Briefly To The Bereans Before Heading Off To Athens
28 June 2023 Acts 17:10-23
Episode 0894 (MP3)
Paul Preaches At The Areopagus In Athens
29 June 2023 Acts 17:22-18:2
Episode 0895 (MP3)
Paul Begins A Successful Period Of Ministry At Corinth
30 June 2023 Acts 18:1-11;
1 Thessalonians 1:1-3
The book of 1st Thessalonians was written around this point in Church history.
The book of 2nd Thessalonians was written around this point in Church history.
Episode 0905 (MP3)
Paul Finishes His 2nd Missionary Journey & Begins His 3rd Missionary Journey
14 July 2023 Acts 18:1-23
Episode 0906 (MP3)
Paul Begins His 3rd Missionary Journey, Focusing His Minstry Upon Ephesus In Asia Province
17 July 2023 Acts 18:22-19:10
Episode 0907 (MP3)
Paul Ministers At Ephesus - Impacting All Of Asia Province - For Two Years
18 July 2023 Acts 19:8-23
The book of 1 Corinthians was written around this point in Church history.
Episode 0931 (MP3)
A Religious Riot At Ephesus Advances The Timing Of Paul's Departure For Makedonia & Achaia
21 August 2023 Acts 19:21-20:1
The book of 2 Corinthians was written around this point in Church history.
The book of Romans was written around this point in Church history.
Episode 0965 (MP3)
Paul Heads For Jerusalem, Meeting With The Ephesian Elders Along The Way
6 October 2023 Acts 20:1-30
Episode 0966 (MP3)
Paul Speaks Plainly To The Elders Of Ephesus
9 October 2023 Acts 20:16-21:4
Episode 0967 (MP3)
Paul Insists On Going To Jerusalem Despite Warnings From The Holy Spirit
10 October 2023 Acts 21:3-24
Episode 0968 (MP3)
Paul Heeds The Advice Of James And Ends Up Being At The Center Of A Riot In The Temple
11 October 2023 Acts 21:20-37
Episode 0969 (MP3)
After Being Arrested During The Temple Riot, Paul Is Allowed To Address The Jewish Crowd
12 October 2023 Acts 21:27-22:22
Episode 0970 (MP3)
Paul Appears Before The Sanhedrin, Resulting In A Mini Riot Between Pharisees & Sadducees
13 October 2023 Acts 22:21-23:11
Episode 0971 (MP3)
Because Of A Jewish Plot Against His Life, Paul Is Transferred From Jerusalem To Caesarea
16 October 2023 Acts 23:1-35
Episode 0972 (MP3)
Paul Pleads His Innocence Before Felix, But Ends Up Being Detained Two Years Without A Decision In His Favor Of His Release
17 October 2023 Acts 24:1-27
Episode 0973 (MP3)
Paul Appeals His Case To Caesar Nero
18 October 2023 Acts 24:24-25:22
Episode 0974 (MP3)
Paul Testifies Before Agrippa II
19 October 2023 Acts 25:23-26:23
Episode 0975 (MP3)
Paul Tries To Convert Agrippa II Just Before Being Shipped Off To Rome
20 October 2023 Acts 26:19-27:9
Episode 0976 (MP3)
Paul's Ship To Rome Is Caught Up In A Great Storm
23 October 2023 Acts 27:1-26
Episode 0977 (MP3)
Paul Is Shipwrecked On The Island Of Malta
24 October 2023 Acts 27:27-28:6
Episode 0978 (MP3)
Paul Arrives At Rome Where He Immediately Begins Ministering To Jews And To Gentiles
25 October 2023 Acts 28:1-31