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AD 70 Destruction of Jerusalem

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Background Leading Up To The Jewish Rebellion Of AD 66-73 - Program C1093 (MP3) 30 October 2019
The Jewish Rebellion Against Rome Begins In AD 66 - Program C1094 (MP3) 31 October 2019
The Jewish Rebellion Spreads Throughout The Eastern Roman Empire, Prompting Emperor Nero To Send Vespasian To Deal With It - Program C1095 (MP3) 1 November 2019
Vespasian Defeats The Galilean Rebellion In The Summer Of AD 67, With Many Of The Surviving Rebels Relocating To Jerusalem - Program C1096 (MP3) 4 November 2019
After A Roman Civil War In AD 68-69, Vespasian Becomes Roman Emperor In The Summer Of AD 69 - Program C1097 (MP3) 5 November 2019
The Final Seige of Jerusalem Begins In The Spring of AD 70 - Program C1098 (MP3) 6 November 2019
The Summer AD 70 Destruction Of The Temple & Jerusalem, As Jesus Prophesied In His Olivet Discourse - Program C1099 (MP3) 7 November 2019