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MP3 Program Archives For The Book Of Esther (Season Five)
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Episode 0639 (MP3)
The 2nd Temple Is Dedicated & Xerxes Begins His Reign As King Of Media-Persia
7 July 2022 Ezra 6:14-22; 4:6;
Esther 1:1-12
Episode 0640 (MP3)
King Xerxes Begins Looking For A New Queen To Support Him In The Empire
8 July 2022 Esther 1:10-2:10
Episode 0641 (MP3)
Esther Becomes The Queen Of Persia
11 July 2022 Esther 2:5-18
Episode 0642 (MP3)
Haman Plots To Annihilate The Jewish People
12 July 2022 Esther 2:19-3:13
Episode 0643 (MP3)
Modecai Urges Esther To Save The Jews By Talking With The King
13 July 2022 Esther 3:12-5:9
Episode 0644 (MP3)
Haman's Plot Comes Apart
14 July 2022 Esther 5:9-7:6
Episode 0645 (MP3)
The Jews Defend Themselves According To Royal Decree
15 July 2022 Esther 7:1-9:19
Episode 0646 (MP3)
Wrap Up Of Esther's Story & Introduction Of Ezra's Story
18 July 2022 Esther 9:20-10:3;
Ezra 7:1-16