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MP3 Program Archives For The Book Of Joshua (Season Five)
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Episode 0225 (MP3)
The Death & Burial Of Moses, Israel's 30 Days Of Mourning, And Joshua's Spies Cross The Jordan & Enter Jericho
4 December 2020 Deuteronomy 34:1-12;
Joshua 2:1-14
Episode 0227 (MP3)
Joshua's Spies Return From Jericho & Israel Prepares To Cross The Jordan
7 December 2020 Joshua 2:8-22; 1:1-9
Episode 0228 (MP3)
Israel Miraculously Crosses The Jordan
8 December 2020 Joshua 1:10-18; 3:1-17
Episode 0228 (MP3)
Israel Enters The Promised Land
9 December 2020 Joshua 3:14-5:9
Episode 0229 (MP3)
Israel Circumcises Many Of Their Number & Observes Their First Passover In The Promised Land
10 December 2020 Joshua 5:10-6:14
Episode 0230 (MP3)
Jericho Miraculously Destroyed, But Israel Then Suffers A Military Loss At Ai
11 December 2020 Joshua 6:15-7:5
Episode 0231 (MP3)
Israel Identifies, Then Executes Those Responsible For The Loss At Ai
14 December 2020 Joshua 7:1-24
Episode 0232 (MP3)
Israel Defeats The Army Of Ai & Bethel
15 December 2020 Joshua 7:20-8:29
Episode 0233 (MP3)
Israel Has Their Blessing & Cursing Ceremony At Shechem, Then Enters Into A Covenant With The Gibeonites
16 December 2020 Joshua 8:30-9:18
Episode 0234 (MP3)
Israel Defends The Gibeonites, Kicking Off Their Campaign To Expel The Canaanites From Southern Canaan
17 December 2020 Joshua 9:16-10:19
Episode 0235 (MP3)
Joshua Leads Israel In A Successful Campaign In Southern Canaan
18 December 2020 Joshua 10:16-11:3
Episode 0236 (MP3)
Joshua Leads Israel In A Successful Campaign In Northern Canaan
21 December 2020 Joshua 11:1-22
Episode 0237 (MP3)
Summary Of Israel's Campaigns In Canaan & The Land Allotments For Reuben, Gad & Manasseh On The East Side Of The Jordan River
22 December 2020 Joshua 11:23-14:15
Episode 0238 (MP3)
The Divine Land Allotment For Judah
23 December 2020 Joshua 15:1-63
Episode 0239 (MP3)
The Divine Land Allotments For Ephraim & Manasseh
24 December 2020 Joshua 16:1-17:18
Judges 1:1-16
Episode 0240 (MP3)
The Divine Land Allotments For Benjamin, Simeon, Zebulun, Issachar, Asher, Naphtali & Dan
25 December 2020 Joshua 18:1-19:48
Judges 1:17-20
Episode 0241 (MP3)
The Land Allotment For Joshua, The Designation Of The Cities Of Refuge & The Divine Land Allotment For The Levites
28 December 2020 Joshua 19:49-21:45
Episode 0242 (MP3)
A Civil War Nearly Occurs When The Tribes Of The Eastern Territories Erect A Memorial Altar & Israel Fails To Occupy The Land As Instructed
29 December 2020 Joshua 22:1-34;
Judges 1:21-30
Episode 0243 (MP3)
Israel Fails To Occupy The Land As Instructed & Moses' Grandson Becomes The Personal Priest Of A Man In Ephraim
30 December 2020 Judges 1:31-2:5; 17:1-18:1
Episode 0244 (MP3)
Some Danites Establish Themselves A City & An Idolatrous Cult In The Northern City Of Dan, With Moses' Grandson As Their First Priest
31 December 2020 Judges 18:1-31;
Joshua 23:1-4
Episode 0245 (MP3)
Joshua Urges Israel To Lay Aside Their Idols And Serve "He Who Is" God Alone
1 January 2021 Joshua 23:1-24:28
Episode 0246 (MP3)
After Joshua's Death, Israel Settles Into A Pattern Of Sin, Subjugation, Suffering, Supplication & Salvation By A Judge Sent By God, The First Judge Being Othniel
4 January 2021 Joshua 24:29-33;
Judges 2:6-3:11