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Into The Word is the verse-by-verse, radio, Bible teaching ministry of Thomas J. Short, Preaching Minister to the Elkhart East Christian Church in northern Elkhart County, Indiana, U.S.A. Into The Word airs at 9:30 AM (Monday-Friday) on WCMR (FM 105.3 & AM 1270) - "Solid Gospel Radio," a station affiliated with WFRN. Please contact them and let them know how much you appreciate hearing local, verse-by-verse Bible teaching on their station.

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Episode 0956 (MP3)
Israel Was Used By God To Keep His Promises, Despite Some Israeli Unbelief Along The Way
25 September 2023 Romans 9:1-26
Episode 0957 (MP3)
Salvation By Faith Is Intended For Everyone, Regardless Of Ethnicity
26 September 2023 Romans 9:22-10:13
Episode 0958 (MP3)
All Can Be Saved By Calling Upon Jesus, But Not All Are Willing To Do So
27 September 2023 Romans 10:5-11:11
Episode 0959 (MP3)
God Is Not Finished With The Ethnic Israelis
28 September 2023 Romans 11:11-36
Episode 0960 (MP3)
This Is How We Christians Serve God...By Living With Others In Love
29 September 2023 Romans 12:1-21

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